Essential Packing List for a Dog's Hospital Stay

15 January 2018
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


When your dog is unwell or is having treatment that requires a stay in a veterinary hospital, it can be a very upsetting thing to deal with. Although you know the dog will be well looked after, it's still easy to spend a lot of time worrying about them.

It's stressful for your dog, too. They don't really understand what's happening, and the anxiety of being away from home can be quite severe. To make you both feel better while your dog is being treated, make sure you send them away with all the things they need. Just remember to contact the vet hospital before taking any items in, to check it's allowed.

A familiar blanket

Although bedding will be provided at the hospital, it can help dogs settle in if they have a blanket that smells like home. Make sure you don't take one that's too dirty, as it can risk infections and bugs being spread in clinical environments.

If your dog's normal blanket is not clean enough to take to the hospital, wash it and leave it in the house for a few days. It won't smell as strongly, but will still be comforting.

Some food

When animals change from one type of food to another, it can upset their digestive systems. This is particularly problematic when they're unwell to begin with, so make sure you pack enough of your dog's regular food for the duration of their stay. It's better to have too much than not enough, so don't worry too much about taking large bags.

An item of your clothing

If your dog is particularly anxious, a t-shirt or top you've been wearing can be helpful. They can nestle down in it when they sleep or relax, and it will smell like you.

Separation anxiety can cause recovery to be a bit slower, so anything that you can do to alleviate it helps your dog get better faster.

A favourite toy

Toys might not be allowed in the hospital, especially noisy ones, so it's especially important to ask before you take one in. If you can, it keeps your dog's mind occupied and reduces their worry.


Although vet hospitals can provide medication that's needed for your dog's treatment, they may not be able to supply anything that your dog was taking before their admission. If you remember nothing else, make sure the vet hospital staff have plenty of medication for your dog's treatment period.